Best wishes and quotes about Ramadan

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims all around the world. It’s a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. Many people share beautiful words and quotes about Ramadan to inspire and remind us of its importance. 

People fast from dawn until sunset, which means they don’t eat or drink during the day. But Ramadan is not just about not eating; it’s also about being kind, helping others, and being thankful for what we have.

Let’s read some wishes and quotes about Ramadan.

quotes about ramadan

Quotes About Ramadan

  • “Ramadan is the month of blessings. It is meant to purify the soul and make us more humble and compassionate.” – 
  • “Ramadan is not just about fasting; it’s about feeding the hungry, helping the needy, and being kind to others.” – 
  • “As the crescent moon is sighted, and the holy month of Ramadan begins, may Allah bless you with happiness and grace your home with warmth and peace.” –
  • “Ramadan is the month to fast, pray, reflect, and be grateful for all the blessings we have. It’s a time for spiritual growth and renewal.” –
  • . The Holy Quran descended this month, bringing with it the guide for humankind. Its texts are pure; its teachings are classic. May this Ramadan help you make the proper judgment. May the holy month categorize truth from falsehood. Happy Ramadan mother.
  •  May this divine month of Ramadan erase your sinful past and bless your heart with love, kindness, and mercy. Happy Ramadan brother.
  • . Fulfill the purpose of Ramadan this year, literate yourself of the divine Supreme, stay conscious of His power, fear Him because Allah is the greatest in this world. Ramadan Mubarak sister.
  • Worship Allah this Ramadan because He never rejects the prayers of a fasting person, a father, or a pilgrim. Happy Ramadan my wife
  • Stay true to your beliefs, imbibe the preaching of Islam. May the end of this Ramadan mark the beginning of a new journey towards Jannah because an end is never ‘The End’. Ramadan Mubarak my husband.
  • May you become a practicing Muslim this Ramadan. May the festival mold your desires and shape your heart. Ramadan Mubarak to you.
  • Like the month of harvest reaps the seeds of your hard work, may this Ramadan reap the seeds of your good deeds. Ramadan Kareem to all of you.
  • By His grace, we stand here; by His grace, we are fed. May He bestow blessings on us, and we shall celebrate Ramadan next year. Happy Ramadan to you child.
  • May this month fill your heart with mercy, your soul become kind, politeness take over your arrogance, and this Ramadan be your guide in life, son.
  •  May this Ramadan we all follow the teachings of Islam, avoid argument, don’t witness wrong, don’t commit sins, be a pure soul and a heart.
  •  Accept your weakness; Allah will provide you strength. This Ramadan, leave your arrogance behind, for He will bless your humble heart. Ramadan Kareem my kin.
  • Ramadan is not about fasting. It is about diving into Allah’s mercy. It is the celebration of the blessings that He bestows on His believers. Happy Ramadan my family.


  • I hope this Ramadan you have a change of heart. May the divine month change your perception. May the festival be your guide when the darkness tries to take over your soul. Ramadan Mubarak friend.
  • I pray this Ramadan Allah know all your secrets. May He answer all your prayers, wipe away all your fears, take away all your tears, grant all your wishes, and fulfill all the desires of your heart friend.
  • May this holy month bring forgiveness to those who did wrong to you. Your soul rise above all malign intentions. May your heart be set free of all the evils.
  •  hope this Ramadan you focus only on Allah and worship Him all your being. Ramadan Mubarak from my family to yours.
  • I sincerely pray this divine month illuminate your soul. May Allah shower blessings on you. May the celebrations this year be peaceful for you. Ramadan Kareem friend.
  •  May the month of Ramadan be cheerful for you. May your humility bring prosperity to you. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.
  • I pray the celebration of this Ramadan be peaceful and solemn for your family.
  •  Be grateful to Allah and the Iftar meals he provides, and you will never run out of happiness. Happy Ramadan my friend.
  •  May this divine month bring your family together and multiply your happiness by infinity. Ramadan Mubarak from my family to yours.
  • May Allah bless the hands that prepare the feast of Iftar. May they prosper, feed the hungry, and spread love in their surroundings. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.
  • I pray kindness grow in your heart like water in the ocean. May the celebrations of this Ramadan be as vast as the sky above your head. Ramadan Kareem to all your loved ones.
  •  May this holy month assist you in good deeds. All your sins be forgiven. May your soul find solace in this Ramadan.
  • Allah’s love is greater than all the amount of water in this world and all the stars in the sky. This Ramadan, surrender yourself in His praise, and you shall be the happiest person on the Earth.
  •  Allah is the designer of this world; He is the supreme. Bow your head in His worship, and in this holy month, all the desires in your heart shall be fulfilled. Happy Ramadan brother.
quotes about ramadan

Quotes about Ramadan in Arabic

  •  ربما الهلال كن ضوءك الهادي وقوتها ، املأ حياتك ، السلام والنعمة. رمضان مبارك.
  • Meaning: May the crescent moon be your guiding light and strength, fill your life, peace and grace. Ramadan Mubarak.
  • بينما تصوم وتقدِّم الصلاة إلى الله ، قد تجد سلامتك وسعادتك. استمتعوا برمضان سلمي وسعيد!
  • Meaning: As you fast and offer prayer to God, may you find your peace and happiness. Enjoy a peaceful and happy Ramadan!
  • انت لست وحدك. الله دائما معك ، لإرشادك وأحبك. سعيد رمضان.
  • Meaning: You are not alone. God is always with you, to guide you and love you. Happy Ramadan.
  • نرجو أن تبارككم روح رمضان بالازدهار والثروة والسعادة في الحياة! الله يعفو عن كل خطأك وأخطائك رمضان سعيد.
  • Meaning: May the spirit of Ramadan bless you with prosperity, wealth and happiness in life! May God forgive all your mistakes and mistakes Happy Ramadan.

Best Wishes About Fasting

  • We break our fast with a date, I hope your Ramadan is great!
  • Reach for the Ramadan moon! If you fall, fall on your prayer rug in sujood*.
  • Make a dua* list and check it twice. Don’t forget to ask for Paradise!
  • Here comes the Ramadan Drummer and Ramadan too. I hope this month is filled with lots of fun for you!
  • To the coolest kid I know: May this Ramadan help you grow!
  • Prayer rugs and Eid hugs, happy holidays to my cuddle bugs!
  • My shining star, my crescent moon, my Eid balloon. We miss you so much, we hope to see you soon!
  • Love, laughter and lanterns. Thanks for a wonderful iftar* party!
  • My favorite Ramadan recipe? All of us gathered together.
  • I’d travel from afar for a taste of your iftar. Happy Ramadan to my favorite cook!
  • May your days and nights be mubarak and bright.
  • Wishing you an easy fast.
  • One month of fasting for a reward everlasting. Ramadan Kareem.
  • Welcome Ramadan, welcome month of the Quran!
  • In a year it only comes once, the Sultan of eleven months!
  • Whatever your heart can dream, you will surely have it in Ramadan Kareem. Have a blessed month!
  • Greetings of peace, a delicious feast, may His blessings never cease.
  • Hard work pays off. Eid Mubarak!
  • May God accept from us, and from you. Eid Mubarak!
  • “O God, we ask You for Your Love, the love of those whom You Love and actions that will bring us closer to Your Love.” — Tirmidhi
  • “O God, we ask you for all good – good now, good later, what we know to be good and what we don’t. And we seek refuge in you from all evil – evil now, evil later, what we
  • know to be evil and what we don’t.” — Ibn Majah
  • “O God, we ask you for faith that doesn’t fade, blessings that do not deplete and the company of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in the highest level of your Paradise.” — Nisa’i
  • Tarawih is a special prayer offered by Sunni Muslims in the nights of Ramadan.
  • Sujood is the act of prostrating on the ground before God.
  • Dua comes from the verb “to call.” It is the act of calling out to God with our needs and wants in supplication.)
  • Iftar is a meal enjoyed at sunset after a day of fasting.

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Best Wishes And Quotes About Ramadan
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Best Wishes And Quotes About Ramadan
Ramadan is a special time for Muslims all around the world. It's a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection. Many people share beautiful words and quotes about Ramadan to inspire and remind us of its importance. 
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