Poems About Unicorns For Kids

Poems about unicorns symbolise beauty and goodness. A unicorn is a horse with a big, shiny horn sticking out from its forehead. Unicorns are special and rare; some stories even say their horn has magical powers.

Unicorns poems convey emotions of joy, wonder, or nostalgia. These poems have hidden meanings and teach us about feelings, nature, and life.

They inspire us to think differently or see things in a new way. They take us to imaginary worlds where anything is possible, like riding unicorns through forests. 

Poems about unicorns"

Let’s read some poems about unicorns

I Am A Unicorn

By Aisha Lee

I am a unicorn flying on a cloud
With my horn high and singing very loud

I am a unicorn softly touching the sky
Floating above with a twinkle in my eye

I am a unicorn different from the rest
Trying to do my best is my life long quest

I am a unicorn colorful as a rainbow
Deep into the night you can see me glow

I am a unicorn who is brave and strong
Here to help no matter where you are from

I am a unicorn who loves to have tea
Come be my friend and play with me

Poems about unicorns"

The Little Unicorn

By Georgina Nolan

Unicorn started playing with her toy
Until she stopped and spotted a boy
“What’s wrong,” said Unicorn as the boy dropped his head
“I don’t know but my insides feel dead.”
“Sometimes I feel like that too,” said Unicorn with a sigh
The boy looked up and started to cry
They were both in front of a cave
And that’s where the boys feelings
Were buried in a grave
“You can’t express your feelings,” said Unicorn
“Wait,” said the boy
“Look at your horn!”
The horn was filled with rainbow magic
Now the boy doesn’t feel so tragic
“Now,” said the unicorn
“If anything is in your way
Walk through with me and I promise it will save the day.”

A Week Of Fabulous Flowers

Monday, my tulip day, soft and delicate yellow
lasting in the morning, but afternoon mellow
bulbs dwindling to van gogh swirls at twilight

Tuesday, the iris me floats fairy like down halls
wearing lavender and ivory, sipping cappuccino,
listening to mozart reading Shakespeare’s play

Wednesday, byron’s daffodil under ivory clouds,
dancing with buttercups waltzing over meadows,
chasing unicorns in wizard of oz shadows

Thursday, orchids falling purple raindrops,
inverness and misty celtic heather moors
Poe’s blackbird calling and gypsy folklore

Friday through sunday goddess dreams
pink, red and blush roses, aphrodite moon,
merchandise of stars in lapis blue streams

Poems about unicorns"

Short Poems About Unicorns

Arabian Desert

“Across Arabian Desert sands & through Arctic seas
On Tibetan plains & among Vietnamese forest trees
This is the place where real unicorns roam
The place oryx, narwhal, chiru & saola call home.”

Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid
To puncture through the grey,
To be the unicorn
Amongst the dragons,
The diamond sparkling
Admist the daisies…
Navigate your own unique
And beautiful way.

Early morning

Early morning mist
Lies thick along the moor
His eyes search
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of her perfect beauty

A Myth

Existing only in dreams
Or the imaginings of poets
In his heart he knew she lived
Prancing in the fields
The magical,
Elusive unicorn.

Born From The Dark

Born from the dark
The mane with burning silver fire
The horn with bravely sharp light
But always have sadness
Where are you going, unicorn
With all of us?

Steal Your Soul

Out from the darkness
Rises a creature so deadly
Here to steal your soul
The underworld unicorn
Unknown hero of the night.

Behind The Mist

Behind the mist,
The shadow of a beauty emerges.
A horn on its forehead,
Made from rare pearl.
Stars glisten in its hair.
Skin covered in rainbow markings.
The legendary unicorn is born.

Bright And White,

In the moon-glow, bright and white,
On the midnight’s deep,
In the beams of dreaming light,
Over the city asleep,
On the clouds’ white glaze,
Past the stars, on night’s dark ways,
Something is softly stamping its feet.

Poems about unicorns"

Mystic Meadows

In mystic meadows, where dreams entwine,
A unicorn dances, its mane a divine line.
With a horn of spiral, a coat of pure white,
It gallops in moonlight, a breathtaking sight.

Starlight Whispers

Beneath the velvet sky so vast,
A unicorn whispers tales of the past.
In starlight’s embrace, secrets it keeps,
Guarding the night as the world sleeps.

Rainbow Dreams

Over rainbows, beyond the sun’s gleam,
Lives a unicorn, the weaver of dreams.
Its eyes hold galaxies, its heart pure gold,
In its mystical presence, stories unfold.

Forest Guardian

In the heart of the forest, where secrets lie,
A unicorn roams under the emerald sky.
Protector of nature, keeper of lore,
In its magical realm, spirits soar.

Celestial Wanderer

A celestial wanderer in the night’s embrace,
The unicorn moves with elegant grace.
With a mane like stardust and eyes like the sea,
It roams the cosmos, wild and free.

Whispers Of The Wind

Listen close, hear the wind’s soft song,
A unicorn’s melody, where dreams belong.
In whispers of the breeze, it tells its tale,
In lands where magic and wonder prevail.

Poems about unicorns"

Twilight’s Muse

In the quiet of twilight, when shadows play,
A unicorn emerges, as bright as day.
Its magical aura, a captivating view,
In the dance of dusk, it enchants anew.

Moonbeam’s Friend

With the moon as its companion in the night’s sky,
The unicorn roams where the shooting stars fly.
Bathed in silver light, with a peaceful mien,
In the moonbeam’s glow, it remains unseen.

Enchanted Journey

On an enchanted journey, through time and space,
A unicorn travels with elegant grace.
Across realms unknown, through mystical doors,
In its wake, the universe explores.

Eternal Grace

With a horn that spirals to the heavens above,
The unicorn embodies eternal love.
In fields of gold, under the sun’s warm embrace,
It stands, a symbol of grace.

Ocean’s Whisper

By the ocean’s edge, where waves meet the land,
A unicorn walks, leaving hoofprints in the sand.
With a mane like the surf, and eyes deep and grand,
It watches the horizon, where sea meets the strand.

poems about unicorns

Garden’s Keeper

In a hidden garden, where flowers bloom,
A unicorn resides, dispelling gloom.
With every step, petals rise in a dance,
In this magical garden, it takes its stance.

Valley Of Dreams

In the Valley of Dreams, where fantasies live,
A unicorn prances, its magic to give.
With a flick of its tail and a nudge of its nose,
In this mystical valley, anything goes.

Heaven’s Herald

A herald of heaven, with wings unseen,
The unicorn moves, serene and serene.
With a light that rivals the morning’s first beam,
It glides through the world, like a living dream.

Frost’s Companion

In the quiet of winter, when frost covers the land,
A unicorn trots, leaving trails so grand.
With a breath like mist and a coat like snow,
In the chill of winter, it’s aglow.

Night’s Navigator

Through the tapestry of night, it silently treads,
A navigator where darkness spreads.
With a horn like a lighthouse, guiding the way,
The unicorn moves, where night meets day.

Autumn’s Artist

In the hues of autumn, with leaves so bright,
A unicorn wanders in the waning light.
Painting the world in colors bold,
In the autumn’s crispness, stories told.

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