Poems About Ramadan

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims when they fast and pray. Poems about Ramadan often capture the joy and prayers that come with this holy month, as families gather for iftar meals and communities unite in worship.

Ramadan begins with the sighting of the crescent moon, marking the start of a month-long journey of spiritual growth and self-discipline.

Poems about Ramadan talk about the holy month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims around the world fast from dawn to sunset. They describe the beauty, blessings, and significance of this sacred time.

Let’s read some poems about Ramadan.

ramadan poems

Ramadan First Verse

A time of rinsing the sins
A month of happy moods
The way we face god unfailingly
The way we walked our prophet’s way

The moon a symbol that guides
A creation of allah entwined
Its light reflects our fast
Till the day breaks does it last

In Ramadan And To Eid

RAMADAN is making song
As we waiting so long
So the joy is every where
smile on every face no tear
So the Eid what we wait and long

A Ramadan Poem

By Donna Sibaai

The holy month of Ramadan
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah (charity) for those in need,
Trying hard to do good deeds.

When the sun has set, and day is done-
I’ll break this chain, but only one.
By the end of Ramadan, this whole chain will be all gone!
It’s time for Eid and lots of fun!!!

Righteousness Remains The Rock Of Faith
Righteousness remains the rock of faith,
As what one does sustains what one believes.
Mere hypocrites might pray, the Prophet saith;
Actions must be words the heart conceives.
Do, then, what acts and rituals are due,
As faith becomes a flame that feeds on you,
No less than as a fire consumes dry leaves.

ramadan poems

The Night Of Eid Ul Fitr

Evening, and at last the fast is over!
It remains a gift we celebrate,
Delighting in our prayers as in a lover,
Abstaining with a joy no meal could sate.
Let us gather now with food and drink,
For now we turn again to mortal Earth,
Intended to desire, and love, and think,
To savor what is ours ‘twixt death and birth,
Reminded by our faith what things are worth.

Ramadan Rewards

Each fast is like a cleansing of the soul
In which one’s thoughts are purified by prayer,
Deepened by connection to the whole
As one becomes somehow more simply there.
Leaving the sweet holiday behind,
Families feast to bid it fond farewell.
If Ramadan rewards the heart and mind,
The feast rewards the long-neglected shell
Returning to the palace of the wind.

ramadan poems

Ramadan Is Here

By Asma Sadia

One night I heard a knock on my door;
Who can it be,I wasn’t quite sure.
I open the door and am filled with glee;
The visitor ahead is no stranger to me.

I welcome the guest with utmost delight;
For I know it has come to give me respite.
An air of happiness fills the space;
My home now seems, a better place!

Have you any clue who this visitor could be?
Yes!its Ramadhan,the month of mercy.
The pious and righteous can’t await its arrival;
Others seem to greet it, with waves of denial.

For Allah(SWT) we fast from dawn to dusk;
For Him our breath is the fragrance of musk.
The muslims who pray and fast with zest;
Are aware of the rewards of this month manifest.

Throughout this month we weep and repent;
Now is the time to strongly lament.
And those who shun this sacred month;
on the Day of Reckoning will face the brunt.

In the last ten nights,hides the Night of Decree;
Allah(SWT) then awaits for his slaves to plea.
The angels descend with Gabriel(AS) in the lead;
To check on the steadfast and record every deed.

A feeling of grief now fills my heart;
As the month of Ramadhan will soon depart.
So lets make a start and worship Him alone;
Now that the worth of this month is known.

ramadan poems

Ya Ramadan

By Noor Syed

A blessed month is casting its shadow upon us
A night of this month is better than a thousand months
Bear with patience for the sake of Ar-Rahman
It’s a continuous training to strengthen our Imaan.

Glory be to Allah who sent Ramadan as a mercy to mankind
Its a purification of our soul, our heart, and our mind
With the most sincere devotion and love we fast
To be cleansed and free from sins of the past

Glorified is He, who choseth this holy month,
To test our sabr and fill our hearts with warmth
Of his Divine Light, His blessings shall glow,
The Seer of the unseen, all He does know

Ya Allah! For thee, let my breath be more pleasant than musk
Ya Allah! For thee, let me be thankful when day turns to dusk
My thoughts and heart are purified, my eyes truly see’
This blessed month, the month of spiritual rhapsody!

Ya Allah! For thee, my life I shall live!
Ya Allah! For thee, my soul I shall give!
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind,
Praise be to Allah, who sent Ramadan as a gift to mankind…

 Poems about Ramadan

Ramadan Is Near

Ramadan is near, its near
Ramadan oh so dear, so dear

During this month we must fast
Opportunity for our good deeds to amass

From food and drink we abstain
Satan this month is put on a chain

Wake late in the night for Tahajjud
Pray like you really truly should

Duas at this early hour readily accepted
Almighty ALLAH hears all, the Most Elevated

Then eat your delicious sehri food
Throughout the day don’t be in a mood

Muslims fast all over worldwide
Rewards in this month multiplied

Your eyes will soon open up wide
Looking at all those foods fried

But don’t just anxiously await the iftaar
Make dua, ask to be kept from sins afar

Recite the Holy Qur’an much
Each and every sunnah try to clutch

Make good speech your norm
Extra Nawafil Salah do perform

Having kept your fast during the day
At night Taraweeh stand and pray

Practice the beautiful way of our Prophet (ﷺ)
And for eternity hereafter increase your profit!


You wanted to be so hungry, you would break into branches,
and have to choose between the starving months

nineteenth, twenty-first, and twenty-third evenings.
The liturgy begins to echo itself and why does it matter?

If the ground-water is too scarce one can stretch nets
into the air and harvest the fog.

Hunger opens you to illiteracy,
thirst makes clear the starving pattern,

the thick night is so quiet, the spinning spider pauses,
the angel stops whispering for a moment—

The secret night could already be over,
you will have to listen very carefully—

You are never going to know which night’s mouth is sacredly reciting
and which night’s recitation is secretly mere wind—

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 Poems About Ramadan
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 Poems About Ramadan
Ramadan is a special time for Muslims when they fast and pray. Poems about Ramadan often capture the joy and prayers that come with this holy month.
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