Famous Hunting Poems

Hunting poems are like stories or songs that talk about the experience of hunting animals in the wild. In hunting poems, you’ll join brave hunters as they track animals through forests and fields.

 Get ready to explore the forests, listen to the sounds of nature, and feel the thrill of the hunt! where every line is filled with excitement and wonder!

Let’s read hunting poems.

hunting poems

The Hunt Showdown

Yes yes yes
We got those 1800s vibes
Men with moustaches
Women with moustaches
You ready to Hunt for your lives?

Get ready cos the Showdown’s begun
Men, Women, lock ‘n’ load up your guns
Snub nose for up close, it’s a must

Hunting Down Love

I tried hunting down love, but it always slipped away
Never getting caught in my snares.
I found I had to sit quietly and wait for it to come to me,
Trusting and willing to give me a chance

Hunting Season

By Anonymous

Hunting season is coming up
and deer is your main prey
Wear bright colors, so you won’t get stuck
taking your life away

hunting poems

Where To Catch From The Noise

Ignite the light
Ablaze the fire of delight
To which stars could beam from the sky
As the night could walk
In the darkness
It glows
From fireflies that search for wavering sea
It might catch a feeling of despair
Deprived, detach from the noise that you hear from the outside world.


I move through black cloud night—
Dark, at war with Dawn,
Quivers with a fine blade’s sheen—
With a vigorous, widejaw cheetah
Thickneck, spine-welded-scapulae
Leanbelly in taut-twist well-rope body
Cheek-folds plump in a scowl,
Sheeny; black teardrops on masseters
Bactrian lungs in saffron ribcage
Heavy paws, bull neck, sudden dart
A lion but for the spotty coat
Alert for shapes that shift.

A long search sights two herds
On ground flat as a man’s brow
He’s off, a slow stalk,
A trap about to explode
Puff adder slither
Through ground high and low
Face to face with his prey now—
Havoc! He scatters them across the desert
Full stretch, full pelt
Greedy fury.

hunting poems

Dear Or Deer Hunting

Silently I walk inside the woods of wonder
Vigilant of signs that I seek of prey,
Blending with landscapes display,
Exploring networks without blunder,
Not placing anything into plunder.
Seek to win my prize in anyway.
Never to eradicate, for only play,
Whether mammal or animal sunder.

Both quarries I believe are cunning.
That I have hunted in my life.
Each target has sent me running.
Equally they have given me strife.
As well mutually they are stunning.
Whether my Dear, or Deer, so rife.

Why Deer Hunting Is Special To Me

It seems like we thrive from the adrenaline flow
While hunting the morning of the very first snow.
For all the mornings that we practically froze
When we can’t feel our fingers, or the tips of our toes.

Yet, we still hunt day after day
In anticipation of the moment we can finally say
‘I GOT A DEER’ with a cheerful shout.
As we jump up and down and run all about.

We think it’s skill, but it’s mostly luck
That feeling we get when we get our first buck.
When we talk about the hunt, or the antler size
No one knows the real truth, ’cause everyone lies.

It’s remembering our first hunt, as a girl or a boy
When we felt the excitement with a heart full of joy.
It’s the fun that we have with our family and friends.
It’s the sharing and experience that we hope never ends.

So, go deer hunting…just do it some day
Then you might understand what I’m trying to say.
Hunting deer is special to me
So, try it sometime and you’ll find out and see.

hunting poems


By King Arthur.”

Oh, who would stay indoor, indoor,
When the horn is on the hill? (Bugle: Tarantara!)
With the crisp air stinging, and the huntsmen singing,
And a ten-tined buck to kill!

Before the sun goes down, goes down,
We shall slay the buck of ten; (Bugle: Tarantara!)
And the priest shall say benison, and we shall ha’e venison,
When we come home again.

Let him that loves his ease, his ease,
Keep close and house him fair; (Bugle: Tarantara!)
He’ll still be a stranger to the merry thrill of danger
And the joy of the open air.

But he that loves the hills, the hills,
Let him come out to-day! (Bugle: Tarantara!)
For the horses are neighing, and the hounds are baying,
And the hunt’s up, and away!

A Wonder Deer Leaps Highest

By  Emily Dickinson

A wounded deer leaps highest,
I’ve heard the hunter tell;
‘T is but the ecstasy of death,
And then the brake is still

The smitten rock that gushes,
The trampled steel that springs;
A cheek is always redder
Just where the hectic stings!

Mirth is the mail of anguish,
In which it cautions arm,
Lest anybody spy the blood
And “You’re hurt” exclaim!

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Famous Hunting Poems
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Famous Hunting Poems
Hunting poems are like stories or songs that talk about the experience of hunting animals in the wild.
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